Monday, December 12, 2011

[WTS] Canon 1000D + kit lens + 50mm f1.8

A used Canon 1000D with kit lens and Canon 50mm f1.8 lens for sale!


Body and kit lens selling for RM800.

The camera is 2 years 9 months to date.
Shutter count is around 28k.

The condition of 1000D body, kit lens and 50mm are in good working condition.

The only thing is that the Canon 1000D body grip starts to wear off as you can see in the photo.

Some minor scratches at the rear button.

50mm f1.8mm can be sold separately at RM250.

There is no more warranty for the body and kit lens, however for the 50mm has 11months warranty

The whole package comes with:
1 x 4GB memory card
Small camera bag


Interested parties please leave a comment with your contact number or you also can email me at
Thanks for viewing!

*credits to | for the images

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