Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ladies Clothes, Bags, Shoes and more for sale!

Hi all! Here are some item for sale. Let me know if there's any of the item that you are interested in!

1. Kurung Moden White Cream - (RM190)
    Chiffon + Full Lining : Saiz 38

2. Cheongsam (DARK BLUE) - Saiz L (RM30)

3. Preloved Boot (BLACK) - Saiz 6 (bid from RM60)

4. Preloved Crocs Shoe (GOLD) - Saiz 7 (bid from RM50)

5. Preloved Pink Bag - RM30

6. Preloved Beads Bag - RM40

7. Rice dispenser (10.5kg) -  RM200
    Condition : NEW (box has some tear BUT item OK)


Interested parties please leave a comment with your contact number or you also can email me at or you direct contact to the owner at (Barakah Abdul Rashid)

Thanks for viewing!

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