Saturday, January 15, 2011

Olympus FE-320 for sale

[Used] PINKISH Olympus FE-320 for sale!!!


It is still unscratched, new, but has been classified as "ISOLATED" CASE since seller has got her Canon EOS 1000D.

It is bought on 11 April 2008 and it comes with :

  • 2GB Olympus XD memory card
  • Olympus strap (not shown in picture)
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Olympus Master 2 CD-ROM
  • Digieye Mini Tripod
Feel free to comment here, or email to

Payment term : COD
Price : RM 300 (negotiable)
Reason for disposal : Seller has not touched it since AGES

You can also contact me at
Thanks for viewing!


  1. i'm interested la,,is it still in good condition??

  2. i once owned an Olympus camera but it was broken ady. so i'm afraid to buy a new one since then.

  3. hmm...sorry to say but not really...cos i'm noob at taking photos hahaha...xD

  4. I'm interested but I want more pictures of the real product, to see whether is it scratch n whether is it functioning well or not. Please do email me at

  5. Thanks for the interest, i'll let the owner direct contact you! :)