Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sony PSP 2000 for sale! (Good Condition)

Good condition Sony PlayStation Portable 2000 for sale!

Condition: Rated at 9.5/10 
There's no any flaws or scratches on the PSP.
Seldom use and it still looks brand new!
Age: 2 years old

What's included?
Original charger, plastic casing, PSP box (as in pic), a red pouch (original PSP accessories), memory card 4GB (it has around 10 games in it!)

Selling price: SOLD!

Interested parties please email me at
Thanks for viewing!


  1. How much is this? Please let me know. Message me at my page:

  2. sorry..
    saye dah ade psp cmnih..
    sume same cm sye..
    wrne pn same.. :)